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Osmosis Jones (2001)

Osmosis Jones. When zoo worker Frank Detorri contracts the virulent virus Thrax, inside his body-known as "The City of Frank" to its inhabitants-a white blood cell cop, Osmosis Jones, and a cold tablet, Drix, join forces to fight the invading virus intent on taking over "The City." But to bust Thrax, Osmosis Jones must bypass Mayor Phlegmming.

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Osmosis Jones by Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly Publication date 2001-08-07 Topics Animacion, Accion, Aventura Language Spanish La combinación viva de acción y animación. Un glóbulo blanco y una píldora fría se unen contra un microbio malévolo. Addeddate 2020-08-12 20:55:39 Color color Identifier osmosis-jones Scanner

Osmosis Jones Film (2001)

1 hr 26 min PG Kids & Family · Comedy · Animation The Flintstones 1960 TV-G Kids & Family · Animation · Comedy

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Osmosis Jones - movie: watch streaming online Sign in to sync Watchlist Streaming Charts 4433. New Rating 82% (829) 6.3 (38k) Genres Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Kids & Family, Fantasy, Science-Fiction Runtime 1h 35min Age rating PG Production country United States Director Bobby Farrelly , Peter Farrelly Osmosis Jones (2001)

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Directed byBobby Farrelly Peter Farrelly You May Also Like Planet 51 2009 1 hr 31 min PG Kids & Family · Animation · Adventure · Comedy Escape From Planet Earth 2013 1 hr 29 min PG Animation · Kids & Family · Adventure · Comedy Son of Bigfoot 2017 1 hr 31 min PG Kids & Family · Animation · Adventure · Comedy The Goonies 1985 1 hr 53 min PG

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Animation Movies Comments User Mixing live action and animation, the film follows the misadventures of a zoo worker with an unknown malady he contracted after eating an egg contaminated with simian saliva. The responsibility of eradicating this lethal virus falls to a white blood cell cop and a fussy cold-cure pill. - Tokyvideo.com

Osmosis Jones (2001) Movie Osmosis jones, Osmosis, Jones

By John Serba May 18, 2023, 5:00 p.m. ET. Anyone with a CGI allergy, look away. Looking to watch Osmosis Jones? Find out where Osmosis Jones is streaming, if Osmosis Jones is on Netflix, and get.

Osmosis Jones (2001)

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Osmosis Jones

1 hr 35 min. 6.3 (38,115) 57. Osmosis Jones is a movie that was released in 2001 and directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly. It is a mix of live-action and animation, which tells the story of a white blood cell named Osmosis Jones and his team, who protect the human body from harmful infections and viruses. The movie stars Chris Rock as the voice.

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He's a new strain of hero. He's one cell of a guy. He's Osmosis Jones! This infectiously funny live-action/animated caper kicks off in the "real" world as Frank (Bill Murray) ingests a villainous virus named Thrax (Laurence Fishburne). Now, deep inside the spectacular, animated inner realm of the City of Frank, it's up to a maverick white blood.

Osmosis Jones streaming ITA, vedere gratis, guardare online Streaminggratisita

Osmosis Jones (2001) Stream and Watch Online "Every BODY needs a hero" PG 1 hr 35 min Aug 10th, 2001 Adventure, Action, Animation, Comedy, Family Movie Details Where to Watch Full Cast & Crew.

Osmosis Jones (2001)

Volume 90% 00:00 1:40:09 Osmosis Jones (2001) (with VHS Audio) by Warner Brothers Publication date 2001-08-07 Topics

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Is Osmosis Jones (2001) streaming on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock, or 50+ other streaming services? Find out where you can buy, rent, or subscribe to a streaming service to watch it live or on-demand. Find the cheapest option or how to watch with a free trial.

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A white-blood cell and a cold tablet roam a man's (Bill Murray) body.

Osmosis Jones (2001) Movie Osmosis jones, Osmosis, Jones

1 h 35 min 2001. PG. Science Fiction · Comedy · Coarse · Fantastic. This video is currently unavailable. to watch in your location. Inside the body of Frank lives an entire city consisting of the body parts that make Frank work. A white blood cell cop named Osmosis Jones teams up with cold tablet Drix to destroy the evil virus that has.

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